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How to Survive the Summer While on the HCG Diet

Summertime and you’re on HCG diet??? No worries because we’ve got you covered! Before you go diving out head first into the pool of HCG disaster you may want to map a plan out. Below are lists of tips that will help you survive the summer heat while on the HCG diet. DO NOT expose … Continue reading "How to Survive the Summer While on the HCG Diet"

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Why Start HCG Diet in Summer

A lot of dieter thinks that summer is not the perfect time to do the HCG diet. However, this common notion is not that ideal. You can start dieting any time of the year. Some even start with their diet during the holiday season. It just depends on your plan and your readiness to do … Continue reading "Why Start HCG Diet in Summer"

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Sugar and Starches on HCG Diet

Dr. Simeons eliminated sugar and starches on P2 and P3 of HCG diet for a reason. Both are known to cause several health issues. High consumption of sugar and starch leads to diabetes. Even if your BMI is normal, you should limit your sugar intake. Both are best contributors to obesity because the calories that … Continue reading "Sugar and Starches on HCG Diet"

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HCG Drops vs HCG Injections

People may be wondering what is the real deal: HCG drops or HCG injections ? Most people that search the net will first stumble upon the Oral and Sublingual variant of the substance. These seem very easy to acquire and to self-administer while promising the same results as the injections. However, it is imperative to … Continue reading "HCG Drops vs HCG Injections"

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HCG Weight Loss Action

If you have been battling with obesity for many years now, the new HCG diet is the solution to your problems. What keeps this diet on the top of the charts of all diets is, that it is safe to use, has almost no side effects, and can reduce body weight significantly in a short … Continue reading "HCG Weight Loss Action"

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